Is gorilla trekking difficult

Is Gorilla trekking difficult in Uganda?

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is moderately difficult, challenging, and requires moderate physical fitness because you’ll be hiking through rugged, uneven terrain, damp, muddy forest floor, and thick forest undergrowth. There are no used trails in the gorilla jungle, and your rangers will be cutting through shrubs and vines to create a path for you.

However, anyone above 15 years with moderate physical fitness can trek gorillas with the help of a porter. A group of porters hangs out at the trailhead offices in hopes of getting employment from trekkers that would require assistance to trek through the ordeal. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; nothing should stop you from meeting Uganda’s mountain giants. A porter costs $20 for the entire hike: as much as a souvenir you would hang on your kitchen wall and not look at for years.

A porter is very strong and will carry your backpack, camera gear or even take you on their back if necessary.

Besides, hiring a porter is a way of directly giving back to the communities around the gorilla parks. The forest used to be their source of food and wellbeing. Since these young men and women are forbidden from hunting and foraging in the protected forests, they come to gorilla tourism for employment. Even if you can make it on your own, hire a porter for posterity reasons.

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