gorilla tracking rules

What are the gorilla trekking rules?

The primary gorilla trekking rule is to stay away if you’re ill. The other most important rule is to keep 32 ft (10 meters) between you and the gorillas and avoid contact during your visit. Young gorillas are very naughty and curious, so they may try to reach out to you. In that case, follow the advice of your guide or ranger to maintain that no-contact safe distance.

Other important rules include wearing a fresh face-mask as soon as you approach the gorillas. You’ll be requested to leave the luggage or backpack about 50 meters away and no smoking or eating anything near the gorillas. Your camera shatter should be set to silent with the flash disabled.

If you feel an urge to sneeze or cough, cover your face and turn away from the gorillas to minimize the spread of pathogens. All visits are limited to one hour (4 hours for Habituation) per gorilla group per day.

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