best time to go on gorilla safari in uganda

The Best Time To Go on Gorilla Safari in Uganda

Uganda straddles along the Equator, which gives the country a tropical climate all year round. The gorilla parks are open for tourism all year round. However, the best time to go gorilla trekking in Uganda is during the dry season months of January, June, July, August, and December.

The dry season is also considered the peak season in Uganda when many tourists flock into the country and accommodation prices shoot up. During this time, gorilla permits are very scarce, and we recommend processing yours at least a year in advance if you want to go during this time.

The other months experience torrential rains that could disrupt your trekking experience. The dry season is the best time for gorilla trekking in Uganda because the forest floors are less damp, trails are passable, and you’re sure you and your photography equipment will not get drenched in the torrential downpours.

June and July are the driest months in the southwestern region where gorillas live but expect to see some occasional rains because the area is mainly covered with rainforests.

Compared to June and July, the gorilla region gets a little more rainfall in December, January, and February. Some chose to come during this time to taste the developing emerald green across the countryside.

Average temperatures during the dry season in Uganda get as low as 16° Celcius (61° Fahrenheit) in the morning and as high as 27° Celcius (81° Fahrenheit) in the afternoon. In higher altitudes, where you’ll trek the gorillas at 1,300 m (4,265 ft), it gets very chilly. Make sure you carry something to keep you warm in the wee hours.

The dry season is also the best time for a wildlife safari in Uganda’s savannah parks because the skies are clear, there’s less rain, more sunshine, and vegetation are less. The water holes are practically an animal magnet, and the animals gather around primary water sources, making wildlife easier to spot. It is also the best time to take that boat launch safari on Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth NP and on Victoria Nile in Murchison Falls NP.

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